By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

The market has exactly 15 days to adapt to the new reality of connection POS – Cash registers with the Deputy Minister of Finance Haris Theoharis ringing a bell because even though time is running out, and despite the progress that has been made, some of those involved are treating the situation with… lightness.

Lightness that can, however, bring heavy fines as in all his meetings with those involved – which are continuous – Mr. Theoharis makes it clear in all tones that the deadlines are not going to change.

This means that the 35 retail branches that have recently been forced to accept card payments have until February 29th to get a POS (actually the window for them is until the end of March if they can prove that they have ordered the POS in February and that this will be installed in March) otherwise they will face a fine of at least €1500 (those who already have the obligation to supply a POS face fines of up to €10,000).

Cash register and POS suppliers who do not upgrade their software by February 29 also face fines. This is because from March 1st, it will not be possible to enter the payment amount at the POS. The POS dial will only show the amount that will come out of the cash register so that the payment can then be made. Already 15,000 businesses whose providers have upgraded their POS have received a message from AADE so that they can proceed with the interface with their cash registers.

In the coming days, a ministerial decision is expected that will determine the amount of the fines and their grading depending on the turnover, among other things, of the business. According to information, the fine in cases of recurrence can reach up to €300,000!

The same ministerial decision will provide for the withdrawal from the market of cash registers and POS that do not meet certain specifications.

Also, in the next few days, it is expected that another round of financing POS acquisition (voucher) will be announced, with the Ministry of Finance inviting freelancers and businesses to take advantage of it, since receipts of supply will be accepted even from last September.
So far, 52,577 applications submitted by 14,080 businesses have been approved for the POS replacement, with the value of checks issued amounting to 2.08 million euros, while checks with a total value of 541,288 euros have been cashed.

107,521 applications from 59,809 businesses have been approved for the upgrade of cash registers in order to be able to interface with POS, checks with a total value of 7.676 million euros have been issued and checks worth 4.378 million euros have been cashed.