On the occasion of questions that have been submitted, AADE answers 5+1 critical questions for the project of interfacing POS with Cash Systems.

1. What are the phases for the POS – Cash Systems interface?

1.1. Creation of a Register of Means of Payment (POS) of businesses: Created, maintained and constantly updated on the digital portal myAADE Register of Means of Payment (POS) (A. 1137 /06.09.2023). The active POS of businesses are declared automatically through an interface (API), every ten days by the Payment Service Providers (Acquirers) or by the Payment Means Providers (NSPs). From now on, Payment Service Users are required, from the 11th to the last day of each month, to submit a declaration for the changes of the previous month, as long as these have not been declared by the Providers, as well as for the update or any correction of the declared data .

1.2. Submission of Declarations of Compliance by Providers: Payment Service Providers (Acquirers) and Payment Means Providers (NSPs) domestic or foreign declare their compliance with the operation and interconnection requirements with the AADE for the Payment Means they make available to Payment Service Users

1.3. POS upgrade. Existing POS will need to be upgraded in order to complete the interconnection process. The upgrade of active POS is carried out remotely under the responsibility of Payment Means Providers (NSPs). Businesses are informed of the completion of the upgrade through the payment register application.

AADE informs the Users of payment services about the possibility of upgrading each Payment Instrument they have. The update is done by sending an e-mail message and posting a relevant notification in their inbox (My Messages) in the digital portal “myAADE”, as well as by indicating “Upgrade” in the Payment Means Register.

1.4. POS – Cash Systems interface: In the last stage of the interface, the Cash Systems are upgraded (if required) and interfaced with the POS, under the responsibility of the company that uses them. AADE informs each User of payment services for the completion of the upgrade of all POS they have, in three ways:

• via email

• through a relevant notification in the “My Messages” application in the myAADE digital portal

• with a relevant indication in the “Means of Payment Details (EFT/POS)” in the “Business Details” application

2. What do I need to do to connect?

You should follow the steps below:

2.1. View POS details. The POS details submitted by the Payment Service Providers (Acquirers) and the Payment Means Providers (NSPs), are available to businesses in the digital portal myAADE / Register & Contact / POS Register

2.2. Submit a statement of disagreement. Businesses using POS submit a Payment Means Declaration, exclusively and only if they disagree with the information shown in the Payment Means Register

2.3. POS upgrade. The upgrade of active POS is carried out remotely under the responsibility of the Payment Service Providers (NSPs)

2.4. Upgrade notification. Businesses receive an email notification to upgrade their POS

2.5. POS – Cash System Interface. Within 30 days of the notification and no later than 2/29/2024, the FIM technician connects the POS to the Cash Register on site and completes the process

3. What are my options for issuing documents?

You can choose to issue your documents either through the available certified cash registers (FIM-OCR), or through virtual cash registers from an electronic invoicing provider (VCR).

Payment Means Providers (NSPs) and Payment Service Providers (Acquirers) have POS models, for which they have submitted a Declaration of Conformity for the interface with Cash Systems.

Finally, the available All in One solutions have the ability to function as a POS and as a Cash System and are compatible with the requirements of the POS – Cash Systems interface.

4. How long do I have to be online?

In any case, the process of interconnecting cash systems with their POS or acquiring new systems that meet the relevant specifications must be completed by 2/29/2024 at the latest.

5. Am I eligible for funding?

In the context of the Program, existing private Enterprises that carry out economic activity are supported, and for which the following conditions are cumulatively met, among others:

• They have their head office or a branch in Greek territory with a Greek VAT number.

• They are active on the date of submission of the program funding application.

• They were founded/constituted before 01.01.2023.

• They constitute a legal entity (Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership or Limited Partnership, I.K.E, Sole Proprietorship, Social Cooperative Enterprise, Cooperative) or Sole Proprietorship and keep simple or double-copy books.

To date, from the first 3 cycles, the corresponding funding vouchers have been approved for 121,138 businesses for the purchase/replacement of POS (18.1 million euros) and 169,837 businesses for covering part of the cost of connecting POS with cash registers (22, 5 million euros). The start of the 4th round of funding is already on track in the next few days, while there is also going to be a 5th round of funding, in order to cover as many businesses as possible.

Please note that in the new funding rounds, All in One solutions will be able to be funded with a combination of Category 1 (EFT/POS Replacement) and Category 3 (E-Invoicing Provider Services Acquisition) options.

More details can be found on the AADE website.

6. Where can I find useful information?

Useful information has been posted on the AADE website.

You can submit your questions to the Taxpayer Service Center (TAC) of AADE:

• electronically through the digital portal myAADE, on the platform Register & Contact > Questions to AADE > by selecting the category Register – Interface of Payment Means (EFT/POS) (for users certified by AADE with Taxisnet codes) or on the website of AADE, at field Contact > Online inquiry > Inquiry form (for non-authenticated users)

• by phone at +30 213 162 1000 on working days, from 07:30 to 17:00.

Only Payment Service Providers (Acquirers) and Payment Means Providers (NSPs) can contact the email [email protected], noting their name, landline and/or mobile phone number.