In setting a new deadline, until March 1, 2024 (instead of 2/22/2024), for the submission, modification or correction of applications and the confirmation of the necessary data, as a condition for granting a reduction of the ENFIA to insured residences of natural persons for the current year, the Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance Haris Theocharis and the Governor of AADE, Giorgos Pitsilis.

The said term of the home insurance of natural persons, in connection with the discount in ENFIA, as instituted by the government, concerns insurance policies against natural disasters (earthquake, fire and flood) for the year 2024.

In particular, with the decision of Mr. Theohari and Pitsili, for the year 2024 it is predicted that:

  • Taxpayers’ applications for the granting of a reduction of the ENFIA to insured residences and their amendments and corrections shall be submitted no later than 1/3/2024.
  • The confirmation of the information by the insurance companies takes place no later than 19/3/2024.

As stated by Mr. Haris Theoharis, “the connection of home insurance with ENFIA discounts is an innovation of the Government, a measure which is being implemented for the first time. The Ministry of Finance recognizes that submitting, amending or correcting applications, as well as confirming the details of insured homes is a complex process, especially when there is no previous experience. Therefore, we deemed it necessary to extend the initial deadlines for the submission of the relevant declarations by the beneficiaries, now until March 1, 2024 (and 3/19/2024 to confirm the data). In this way, we do everything possible to facilitate the taxpayers, but also the insurance companies”.

Mr. Giorgos Pitsilis stated: “Considering that this is a procedure that is being implemented for the first time, we are doing everything necessary to facilitate the citizens who are entitled to the ENFIA reduction to complete the submission of their applications.”

It is also noted that applications and corrections or amendments etc. of home insurance declarations are submitted through the digital portal myAADE (, following the path: Applications/ Popular Applications/ myPROPERTY/ Reduction of ENFIA of insured homes.