They are closing one after the other tax evasion windowswhile at the same time life becomes easier for consistent taxpayers, through pre-filled income tax and VAT returns.

THE interface of cash registers with POS it may have received a small extension, a result of the Greek mentality… we leave everything for the last moment but in no case is a project that can change a lot in the Greek economy, cutting off an important “head” from the Lernaia Hydra of tax evasion, not be aborted.

But two other key interventions are changing the facts in the relationship between the taxpayer and the Tax Office. The first concerns the pre-filled VAT declarations and the second the automatic declaration submission for employees or pensioners, if they themselves want it. In fact, starting next year, the 8.5 million taxpayers will receive a settlement statement from the Tax Office, without having to submit a tax return.

What does this mean practically? That if they themselves wish it or if there is a change that has not come to the attention of the Tax Office, then and only then, they can deal with their tax return.

Everything will be pre-filled not only in the basic form of their tax return (E1) but also in the E3 form for those running a business as well as the E2 for those with real estate income.

Of course, until we reach 2025, this year’s period intervenes, where more than 1 million taxpayers (salaried and retired), if they so wish, their declaration will be sent to AADE … automatically. The only condition is that they do absolutely nothing. Of course, there is also the possibility, in the opposite case, to send their tax return manually, either by changing some information or leaving it as it is.

It is noted that the tax administration receives income data today from wages and pensions, interest on deposits, taxes withheld, details of homes and vehicles, private school fees, loans and credit cards, details of consumer expenditure incurred as well as electronic transactions.

It is worth noting that from this year the tax administration is also proceeding with the blocking of VAT declarations (income and expenses). In AADE there will be all the data required for the complete automation of the E3 form for those who have business activity.

This practically means that MyDATA (e-books) have contributed to the automation of declarations as well as better control of business transactions.

Through electronic invoicing, which tends to become mandatory from next year, the Tax Office will have all the data required, putting an end to bureaucracy.

Of course, the big and emblematic project is none other than the interconnection of POS with cash registers. A few days ago, an extension of 1 plus 1 month was given for the obligation of businesses to appear ready for this, their contractual obligation.

According to the recent announcement by the Ministry of National Economy and Finance, the progress of the project to date is very important, as 85% of the POS and cash register systems have been upgraded, while the connections exceeded 60,000, with the scheduled appointments in the next few days to amount to 20,000.

The new deadlines

As the Ministry of Finance emphasizes, in order for the project to be completed without technical problems, an extension of 1 month is given, i.e. until March 31, 2024, for those companies that have not yet connected their systems. Within this time, obligees should contact the authorized cash register installers in order to complete the process.

It is noted that this extension can be extended for an additional month, i.e. until April 30, 2024:

* for those businesses that were unable to find an available appointment in March, but have an appointment with an installer scheduled in April. Appointments should be announced on a special platform that will be put into operation by AADE on the second 15th of March.

* for businesses that will declare in the POS Registry that they are going to replace their cash register system with one of the newly available all-in-one solutions, which does not require additional interface actions. Already, two e-invoicing providers have been approved with such solutions and many more are expected very soon.