The possibility to use foreign-issued payment cards in their transactions with AADE taxpayers now have. “Another service is delivered today to citizens and businesses, making the daily transactions of foreign cardholders with tax obligations in Greece easier”, emphasized the Governor of AADE George Pitsilis.

In particular, the system for accepting payments through foreign-issued cards was put into production in the EFT/POS and e-POS network of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, as well as e-POS for the e-Receipt.

The new service covers the transaction needs of expatriates, residents abroad, tourists and businesses with the AADE, being an effective tool that optimizes service and further facilitates tax compliance.

Taxpayers can now fulfill their tax and other obligations, such as payment of ENFIA, e-Parabolo, pleasure boat and day boat fees (TEPAI) and other certified debts, using foreign-issued cards, which bear the marks of the international organizations VISA and MASTERCARD.