In the creation Special Forces Center tax, customs controls and investigations, the AADE proceeds. This is a new central service which will start operating within the year with the aim of limitingof tax evasion.

The new Body of Auditors will be made up of tax and customs officials who, having the most modern technological equipment at their disposal, are expected to carry out 170,385 audits across the entire spectrum of the economy.

Thanks to the electronic “live control” system, the controllers are directly connected to the operations center, where the staff team is located, which receives the data from the field, processes it, cross-checks it, evaluates it and helps the controllers with instructions and data, in order to facilitate due diligence. Yes, The Central Chamber of Operations, ensures sound and image in every control carried out throughout the territory.

The goal is to collect 2.8 billion euros from the old debts of 107 billion euros and 2.3 billion euros from the new ones that will be created within the year.

Therefore, according to the 2024 Action Plan, the planning to combat tax evasion includes:

1. Carrying out over 170,385 checks to combat tax evasion and smuggling by:

– 30,000 taxpayers from the audit services
-885 cases of investigations to combat tax evasion and VAT fraud.
-42,000 some on-site from the DOU, the ELKE and the YEDDE (Public Revenue Research and Assurance Services).
-84,000 from Customs and KOEs (Mobile Inspection Teams).
-3,500 ex post facto from Customs and ELYT.

-Performing targeted cross-checks to identify undeclared income.

2. Interface of cash registers with POS

3. Implementation of a digital waybill with expansion into market sectors and development of functionalities to track the movement.

4. Development of a Digital Client List application for commercial sectors and an application for the digital acceptance of an invoicing act issued following an audit or decision of the TEN.

5. Productive operation of the system of analysis and utilization of monitoring data of the fuel input/output system, installation of an input/output system in the Floating Supplies – Marine Fuel Transport and Tax Warehouses and Customs Storage Warehouses and development of national liquid fuel trackers.

To serve taxpayers, the following interventions are foreseen:

-Processing VAT refund requests within 90 days at a rate of at least 95%.
-Satisfaction of the submitted telephone requests of citizens during the first contact, at a rate of at least 70%.
– Development of an application for mobile devices to access AADE services (myAADEapp) and issue invoices and shipping slips from mobile (myDATAapp).
– Control and early notification system for loss of settings and digitization of the debt certificate.
– Interoperability service in Municipalities for digital engagement and de-engagement of awareness.
– Automatic submission of a declaration and issuance of an act of administrative determination of personal income tax in cases of non-timely submission based on the available data.
– Digitization of the process for authorizations and the tax register.
-Automatic completion of E9 in donations and parental benefits of real estate through myProperty.
– Digitization of the export finalization process.
-Automatic finalization of import declarations – Automatic dispatch of customs clearance.