The application for the submission of amending declarations E9 on the AADE digital portal.

By submitting an amending statement, property owners can correct errors in ENFIA, with AADE to proceed with the issuance of a new settlement statement.

Corrections are made through the AADE digital portal in 10 steps:

  • Select the year you wish to submit an E9 and from the available actions on the home page, select create an E9 return to make the necessary changes to your assets.
  • You can insert/change/delete property of tables 1 (buildings and plots) and 2 (fields).
  • If you are importing a property, fill in all the mandatory fields related to the descriptive details of the property (square meters, type of real right, percentage of co-ownership, etc.) and also geolocate the property either by selecting the prefecture, municipal apartment and block streets or by choosing to open the Objective Property Value Determination map.
  • If you are changing a property, change only the descriptors that require change.
  • From the year 2013 onwards, during the final submission of the E9 declarations, it is mandatory to indicate the number of the electricity supply to the buildings in which you have full ownership or usufruct.
  • From the year 2014 onwards, depending on the reason for the entry/change/deletion of a property you choose, you must fill in the required fields that are requested and relate to contract details (contract number and date, notary public ID number), details testament if it exists (number and date of publication, date of death) etc.
  • During the final submission of the E9 statement, specific properties may be requested to be changed due to deficiencies in their data.
  • Any action you take is saved temporarily.
  • When you’re done making changes to your asset status, check how it’s configured via the Asset Preview.
  • Select definitive submission of the E9 statement and, if desired, transfer of the statement to the following year.