Fire against of the president of POX Yiannis Hatzis launches the Association of Short-Term Property Leasing Companies (STAMA), following a letter to the co-competent ministers in the context of the public consultation on the draft law of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance entitled “MEASURES TO LIMIT TAX AVOIDANCE”.

The POX proposes a package of measures to limit short-term renting, such as specific time limits on the duration of short-term renting and standards that short-term rental accommodation will have to meet.

“We’re sure you’re in denial about reality because you’re busy watching foreign capital open the vast majority of hotels in the city and you’re just inventing enemies,” the Association replies, among other things.

The announcement in detail

“Dear president

We read yet another rant from official lips against short-term renting. It doesn’t surprise us because it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. You always do that when you are asked to pay the corresponding fees.

But we have news for you.

Athens has raised its position in the preferences of tourists because we exist too. Their money flows into local economies through our visitors because we exist. Property owners survive because we exist. Neighborhoods thrive because our accommodations exist.

Don’t believe it? Take a walk in Koukaki, Psirri, Neo Kosmos in Metaxourgeio and other areas.

We’re sure you’re in denial about reality because you’re busy watching foreign capital open overwhelming hotels in the city and you just inventing enemies.

And something very important
The records you celebrate come in and from our input. The coffers of the state are filled because we are formal in our obligations and do not figure in every case of tax evasion.

We wish you a good fight and remain at your disposal for the continuation of an honest and constructive dialogue.”