The taxisnet has not yet opened to start filing this year’s tax returns and the deadline has already been extended.

June 30 is now a thing of the past and the new deadline will depend on exactly when tax returns begin.

From the floor of the Parliament, the Deputy Minister of Finance Haris Theocharis announced that for every day of delay in starting the submission of tax returns beyond March 31, the deadline will be automatically extended. “Given that, last year we started on March 31, let’s say roughly April 1, and we didn’t start on the same date this year, for any days we have gone in April, we will advance the deadline beyond June 30, so that in July the statements, so the days we took in April we will give them in July…” he said characteristically.

Therefore, so far we are already at 17 days, so we have reached the 17th of July, and counting as the Anglo-Saxons say.

According to AADE’s planning, taxisnet will open no later than April 30 and every date from tomorrow, April 18, when the new Tax Procedure Code, seems likely. The tax returns of natural persons will be opened first, followed a few days later by those of legal entities.

If the margin runs out and we get to the taxinet opening on April 30, then the deadline automatically goes to July 30. And then it becomes even easier to give the ….traditional extension until the end of August (which for this year will be the second) for the payment of the first 2 installments without surcharges.

One could argue that this second extension until the end of August has also been…announced. And this is because the provision has already been passed that allows the provision of a 3% discount in the case of a one-off payment of income tax even in the case of an extension, something that did not apply until last year. The 3% was taken by the one who paid in July and not by the one who paid in August.

With reference to this year’s income tax schedule, it is specified that “the payment of the personal income tax, tax year 2023, is made in 8 equal monthly installments, of which the first is paid until July 31, 2024 and each of the following until the last working day of the following seven months. If the deadline for submitting the declaration is extended to a date later than the deadline for payment of the first installment, the first two installments are paid until the deadline for the second installment.”