The company “Pagota Dodoni” passes into the ownership of the company “Veneti”, as the purchase of its debts to the banks, totaling approximately 40 million euros, was completed after two years. At the same time, the purchase of all the company’s shares by a foreign company based in Cyprus was completed. As stated in a related announcement, the purchase is the result of a long series of negotiations, with five financial institutions that had taken over the management of “Dodoni Ice Cream”.

In particular, after a thorough inspection of the loans to be purchased, the “Veneti” company established a separate company to acquire the loan claims of “Pagota Dodoni” from the aforementioned managers, amounting to 40 million euros. At the same time, the process of acquiring the shares of “Dodoni Ice Cream” was completed, a project that required reaching an agreement between seven different parties and dealing with a multitude of intractable issues. In this way, the entire planning for the complete acquisition of the company was implemented so that it could proceed with its inclusion in the consolidation process.

Today “Pagota Dodoni” maintains a network of 40 franchise stores, refrigerators selling packaged ice cream in selected super markets and bakeries as well as horeca partnerships in over 1500 locations throughout Greece.

The turnover of the company amounted in 2023 to 6,988,995 euros against 5,941,079 euros in 2022, marking an increase of 18%. The results before taxes in 2023 were -3,332,059 euros compared to -2,206,915 euros in 2022. It is noted that “”Pagota Dodoni” has 50 employees. The factory is located in Pallini where the production of ice cream will continue in the first phase.

As stated by the President and CEO of “Veneti”, Panagiotis Monemvasiotis: “”Pagota Dodoni” is a Greek company historically associated with authenticity and excellent quality raw materials. We all have a memory of “Dodoni Ice Cream”. The Greekness, the authenticity, the purity of the materials are the values ​​that connect “Venice” with “Dodoni” over time. We got our hands on the “divine ice cream”. For us, real ice cream is a new trend. From natural milk. From a real farm that respects its animals. We are here to start a new era in Greek ice cream.”

The goals

The goals of “Veneti” for “Dodoni Ice Cream” are the completion of the consolidation procedures, the investment in natural milk by acquiring a Greek milk farm and the development of new products based on it. At the same time, the company will invest in acquiring new modern equipment, upgrading the stores of the current network and developing new sales points with a new store concept.
The new, sophisticated store concept “Dodoni Ice Cream” will simultaneously be a Gelateria, Dairy and Confectionery with super-frozen sweets. The new stores will offer traditional flavors and excellent quality products with natural milk as the main ingredient, as well as drinks, natural juices and Italian coffee.