Staikouras on SKAI 100.3: How the war in Ukraine will affect the Greek economy

Staikouras on SKAI 100.3: How the war in Ukraine will affect the Greek economy

“The Greek government has requested through the competent minister Costas Skrekas, and will be discussed today in the Council of Energy Ministers, to create a European Solidarity Mechanism for the energy crisis, which is intensified by the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” he stressed. the Minister of Finance Christos Staikourasspeaking on SKAI 100.3 radio and Aris Portosalte.

According to him, according to the Greek proposal, the Member States will be able to obtain low-interest loans to finance measures to offset the effects of high energy prices, while the loans will not be calculated in the deficit and public debt of the Member States.

Mr. Staikouras stated that according to the estimates of the Ministry of Finance, due to the Ukrainian crisis, we will see effects mainly on energybut also impact on inflationborrowing costs and financial markets.

He estimated that we would probably see negative effects on tourism as wellmainly in Northern Greece but also a reduction of travel receipts up to 5%.

He also said that the inflationary consequences will also affect imports of cereals and cereals.

The Minister of Finance stressed, however, that Europe acted in a timely, fast and unifying way in this crisis in Ukraine, while he estimated that additional sanctions, such as the swift, will have an impact on European economies.

He also announced that Greece has requested in writing from European fora the exclusion of defense spending from any fiscal targets in the future.

He finally stated that the new ENFIA will be legislated in the coming weeks.

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