Serasa makes Feirão Limpa Emergency name; see how to get discount


With the increase in delinquency in the country, Serasa is holding an emergency Clean Fair, which runs until the 31st of this month, so that consumers can renegotiate their debts with more than one hundred companies, including retail stores and telephone services, and have a clean name.

Negotiations are carried out online, on the website or in the fair app, by phone or WhatsApp. Indebted people can get discounts of up to 99% on debt. According to Serasa, it is possible to renegotiate R$ 33 million in debts. Of this total, 20 million debts can be negotiated for up to BRL 100 and more than 15 million can be paid off for BRL 50.

According to information from the credit protection company, default in the country reached 64.82 million Brazilians at the beginning of this year. The number is close to the record of defaulters of the pandemic, when, in April 2020, there were 65.91 million indebted.

However, the value of debts increased. In April 2020, the amount owed was BRL 258 billion. In 2022, the total reaches BRL 260.7 billion, BRL 2 billion more compared to the time when the country was at the height of the lockdown. On average, each indebted Brazilian owes R$4,022.52.

The escalation of indebtedness is attributed to the new wave of the Covid pandemic, through the omicron variant, the rise in interest rates, the price of gasoline, high inflation and rising unemployment.

Offers for renegotiation with banks, telephone companies, retail, universities and other segments can also be made in person, at post offices across the country. For this, however, you must pay a fee of R$ 3.60.

In the last edition of Feirão Limpa Nome, in November, more than 4 million Brazilians managed to negotiate the debts in arrears and clear their name.

Where to trade:

Here’s how to check the debt and get a discount online:

Step 1 – Access the website or download the application on your cell phone

  • You will need to enter the CPF and fill out a registration
  • After that, it will be possible to use the services offered

Step 2 – Choose the offer

  • Upon entering the platform, financial information will appear on the screen, which includes debts (if any) and settlement options
  • To access payment terms, click on the debt on the screen
  • It is possible to renegotiate multiple debts

Step 3 – Choose how the payment will be

  • After you choose the offer, select the payment method
  • It is at this time that you will indicate whether you want to pay the debt in installments and the best due date.

Step 4 – Pay the generated ticket

  • The Serasa platform generates one or more slips, depending on the chosen payment method, with the correct expiration date
  • The ticket can be paid online, in banks or in lottery
  • It is also possible to pay the agreement directly through the Serasa digital wallet

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