Average gasoline price reaches R$7.47 after Petrobras mega-increase, says ValeCard


In the first weekend after the mega-increase promoted by Petrobras last Friday (11), the average price of gasoline in the country reached R$ 7.47 per liter, according to a survey carried out by the fleet management company ValeCard.

The value is higher than the record verified by the ANP (National Agency of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels) in November 2021, of R$ 6,795, already adjusted for inflation.

According to ValeCard, only two states still have an average gasoline price below R$7: São Paulo (R$6,981) and Amapá (R$6,993). In two capitals, it is already close to R$8: Natal (R$7,945) and Belém (R$7,848).

The survey considers records of electronic transactions at gas stations throughout Brazil between Friday (11) and Sunday (13). On Thursday (10), Petrobras announced an 18.8% increase in the price of gasoline, effective the next day.

It was the biggest increase since at least 2016, when the current pricing policy came into effect. Stations have already started to raise prices even before renewing stocks and there was a rush to stations in an attempt to fill the tank with old prices.

The average price verified by ValeCard over the weekend is 8.14% higher than the average for the first ten days of March. Amazonas (up 10.06%), Ceará (12.49%), Paraná (11.62%), Rio Grande do Norte (12.95%) and Rio Grande do Sul (10.10%) had higher increases at 10%.

In São Paulo, the increase was 8.51%. In Rio de Janeiro, 6.91%, with an average price of R$ 7.70 per liter.

The national average price is within the estimates made by the market shortly after the announcement of the readjustment. Considered the official survey of fuel prices in the country, the ANP survey will only be released on Friday (18).

Last week, even before being able to verify the impacts of Petrobras’ adjustments, the ANP had already detected an increase of 1.6% in the average price of gasoline, which was R$ 6.683 per liter. Data collection, however, was carried out at the beginning of the week.

In Bahia, supplied by the first large private refinery in the country, the market already reflected the new scenario of oil prices, with gasoline, on average, at R$ 7.691 per liter, up 9.9% over the previous week.

Operated since December by Acelen, from the Arab Mubadala fund, the Mataripe Refinery reviewed the rise in international prices at the beginning of the month.

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