Opinion – Eduardo Sodré: Car sales record worst first quarter in 16 years

Opinion – Eduardo Sodré: Car sales record worst first quarter in 16 years

Sales of light and heavy vehicles continue at a slow pace in 2022. The month of March ended with 146,800 units licensed, which represents a drop of 22.5% compared to the same month in 2021. The data are based on at Renavam (National Registry of Motor Vehicles).

In the comparison between the first quarters, the licensing of new vehicles fell 23.2%. With 402,800 units sold, the period from January to March this year records the worst result for automakers since 2006.

The lower-than-expected numbers will make Fenabrave (dealers association) review forecasts for the year. The entity had projected a growth of 4.6% compared to 2021. The new calculation will be released on Tuesday (5).

Amid the change of leadership, Anfavea (association of automakers) should present its review only in May. The initial expectation was for an increase of 8.5%.

The next president of the entity will be Márcio de Lima Leite, who is the legal and institutional relations director of the Stellantis group in South America. The vice presidency will be occupied by Marina Willisch, vice president of government relations and communications for General Motors South America.

The new board takes over in a year of majority elections in Brazil and in the midst of the Ukraine war. These factors add to the rise in the Selic rate and directly affect vehicle sales and production.

The semiconductor supply crisis persists, and companies are less optimistic about the expected normalization by the end of the year.

In March, Mercedes-Benz stopped part of the activities due to the shortage of these electronic components.

Caoa Chery, on the other hand, placed part of the employees of the Jacareí factory (interior of São Paulo) on a lay-off regime (temporary interruption of employment contracts). The stop, which should last until the beginning of May, affects 450 of the 700 workers.

Next week, Renault will make an interruption in the factories of São José dos Pinhais (PR) caused by the lack of semiconductors. The resumption is scheduled for the 11th.

In the sales ranking, Fiat Strada is ahead. According to consultancy Jato Dynamics, the compact pickup had 7,567 units licensed in March.

In second place is the Hyundai HB20 (6,908), followed by Fiat Mobi (6,581), Volkswagen T-Cross (6,549) and Chevrolet Onix (5,421).

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