See how to get a loan at Caixa Tem with a dirty name


Caixa Econômica Federal offers microcredit (small loan) for self-employed workers and MEIs (individual microentrepreneurs). According to the bank, 83% of customers who hired the service until this Monday (18) are negative.

For individuals, the loan ranges from R$300 to R$1,000, and can be paid in up to 24 months, with rates ranging from 1.95% to 3.6% per month. The request must be made exclusively through the Caixa Tem app.

For MEIs, microcredit ranges from R$1,500 to R$3,000, with a term of 18 to 24 months and rates from 1.99% to 3.6% per month. For now, this public can only apply for the loan at branches.

Credit can be released to workers and MEIs with debts of up to R$3,000. This account does not include housing loans or unused overdraft and credit card limits.

Still, the loan is subject to approval, which comes out within ten days of the request, according to Caixa.

The average loan to negative debtors was R$778.31, totaling R$389 million. In all, Caixa lent 693 million.

According to the president of Caixa, Pedro Guimarães, even credit for individuals is aimed at “entrepreneurs” and must be used to purchase materials or improvements in the autonomous business.

Business credit must also be invested in the MEI business itself, such as payment of suppliers and water, electricity, internet and rent bills, in addition to the purchase of raw materials and goods to resell, among other purposes.

The application for microcredit for individuals requires updating the Caixa Tem application and updating the registration. See below for details.


  1. Download or update the Caixa Tem app, available for Android and iOS
  2. Update your application registration
  3. Click on the option “Credit Cash Has”
  4. Choose “Contract Caixa Tem Credit”
  5. Indicate how you will use the loan
  6. Simulate the loan and choose the amount of the installments

For those who do not yet have digital savings, the opening can be done on the spot, through the app, without fees. After that, just apply for the loan.

Registration must be updated

To get the values, the customer needs to update the registration. The analysis for the release is only done after this update. The measure is necessary to change the type of account that the worker has today and be able to take out the loan. According to Caixa, it is necessary to transform the Caixa Tem digital social savings account into a Caixa Digital Savings Account.

With this, the monthly movement limit of R$ 5,000 ceases to exist and the consumer can access credit lines. The procedure is done directly in Caixa Tem, in the option “Update your registration”. It is necessary to inform address, profession, income and assets, if any.

It will also be necessary to send a photo of an identification document (RG or CNH) and a selfie photo with the document in hand. The selfie must be taken in a bright place, without glasses or hat. The document information must also be legible on the facebook.

You have to wait ten days to know if the update is complete. Confirmation comes by message on your cell phone. The Caixa Tem app also informs you on the home screen if there was an update.

From this message, simply request the credit in the “Digital SIM” option.

The president of Caixa said this Tuesday (19) that there are 2.4 million updated registrations, of which 2.1 million have been approved to apply for microcredit.

Among the people who applied for the loan, 73% were approved.

Conditions to apply for Caixa microcredit

To access the loan, you must have an income (informal or formal) of at least R$200 per month.

Even individuals need to be entrepreneurial. Caixa cites as examples street vendors and street vendors, self-employed cooks, seamstresses, artisans and manicurists.

Documents required for MEI in Caixa credit

MEIs need to bring the following documents to apply for Caixa microcredit

  • CCMEI (Certificate of Individual Microentrepreneur Status)
  • DASN (Annual Declaration of Simples Nacional) of the last fiscal year, with delivery receipt
  • ID and CPF
  • Proof of residency and marital status

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