Giovanna Ewbank denies fight with Fernanda Gentil for work


Giovanna Ewbank used Instagram stories this Saturday (21) to deny rumors that she would have argued with Fernanda Gentil because of the construction noise at the presenter’s house. Gentil previously lived in the house opposite Ewbank’s and has now moved to the neighboring land that shares the wall with the model.

In video, the model celebrates in the backyard of the house that on the weekend there is no noise of renovation. “Guys, let me explain a thing. Fê Gentil is part of my furniture, just like we are part of Fê Gentil’s furniture”, she says. “We’re even designing a zip line from her house to mine, for the kids. It’ll be ready soon.”

During the explanation, she says that chef Jociano India warned her to clarify the alleged conflict, as even her neighbors were questioning the fight. “I said: ‘say that Fê Gentil is a witch and is making noise on purpose'”, she said in a joking tone.

She also published the journalist’s reaction to her stories. “Man, I’m going to tell you something, you’re complaining with a full belly. There are people killing and dying to be my neighbor and this blessing, a gift from God, fell into your lap”, says the presenter. “Let the world know that I love you. And nothing else matters,” she added in a private chat message.

In his stories, Gentil also spoke on the subject, but in text. “Happy for you, enjoy that Monday starts again,” she wrote in response to Ewbank’s videos. About the news that stated that the presenters were arguing, she wrote that “it is much more ‘clickable’ that we are fighting than loving each other”.

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