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‘Only the two of us know’, says ex-husband of Karina Bacchi about the end of the marriage


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Former soccer player Amaury Nunes decides to break the silence about the end of his marriage to Karina Bacchi. The entrepreneur’s statement takes place three days after the actress denied the rumors that the separation would have happened because of an alleged religious fanaticism with reading the bible for hours. “I wish I had time to read Life’s compass 10 hours a day,” she snaps.

The businessman defended his ex-wife in a publication on Tuesday (24) on his Instagram profile. “I decided to come here to take a stand regarding the many news that came out these days regarding me and Karina. Much of what I saw and read, especially what was said about Karina, I say that is not true. but the respect, affection and admiration continue”, he observes.

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Don’t make judgments, or look for motives and culprits. Only the two of us really know everything we’ve been through. At this moment I ask for everyone’s respect and understanding. May God continue to give us wisdom and enlighten our paths”, concluded the businessman with several football schools in the United States.

Karina announced the end of her marriage on the 19th of May. They were together since 2018 and came to face a crisis in the relationship at the beginning of last year, but they got through the difficult time. Recently on a live, the actress made it clear that the marriage was not well and reported that she was praying “to find out what was wrong in the marriage. “My main prayer was not ‘God, change my husband’, it was ‘Reveal me what’s wrong with our relationship?”

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