Antonia Fontenelle turns back after calling DJ Ivis ‘Paraíba’


The actress and youtuber Antonia Fontenelle, 49, was denounced by the Justice of Paraíba and is now a defendant in a lawsuit for xenophobia. According to information from the Court of Justice of Paraíba, she has ten days to provide the necessary clarifications on the case.

The denunciation and indictment had been made eight months ago and now the investigation becomes a criminal action. It is based on a video in which Fontenelle refers to the musician DJ Ivis, accused of assaulting his wife in 2021, from “Paraíba”. At the time, she was talking about the case and made the following comment.

“These people from Paraíba are a little successful and think they can do anything,” said Fontenelle. Subsequently, she tried to justify herself on Instagram. “Paraíba is a force of expression, who does ‘paraibada’, such as hitting a woman. These scrotum males who earn a few bucks and think they can do anything”, she said.

According to the decision of the Judge of Law Shirley Abrantes Moreira Régis, the defense of the actress can argue preliminaries and allege everything that interests her and “offer documents and justifications, specify the intended evidence and list witnesses, qualifying them and requesting their subpoena when necessary”.

Sought, Antonia said she still had no knowledge of the case. His lawyer, however, did not respond to requests until the publication of this text. The ten-day period for defense begins to take effect from the moment she receives the process.

This is not the first time that the youtuber’s name has been linked to xenophobia. In February 2021, the Mexican actress based in Brazil Gisele Itié filed at least three lawsuits against Antonia, two criminal and one civil.

“We have a lawsuit for slander, for having offended Giselle, and another case for racism, because she said some things and not just ‘return to Mexico’. And there’s a civil lawsuit that is for everything”, said the actress’ lawyer at the time.

Antonia’s lawyer denied the crime. “Mrs Antonia is not xenophobic (xenophobic), she is an intellectual who used the phrase ‘return to her country’, according to her, in the best sense Lewis Carroll”, he explained, referring to the English novelist author of the classic ” Alice in Wonderland”.

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