Volax: The beautiful alien village that landed in the heart of the Cyclades


Βολαξ. Probably the most strange village not only in Greece but all over the world.

A village located literally in the heart of the Cyclades and more specifically we meet it in the mountains of beautiful Tinos.

The landscape, in which this special but also beautiful village is harmoniously made, is both metaphorical and perhaps literally from another planet out there and is accompanied by various myths.

One of them mentions that they the huge stone and round volumes that are scattered in the whole area is a remnant of a very special battle such as that of Ginanta and the Titans.

The legend states that at this point a jtwo-dimensional battlefield between these monsters of mythology and this resulted in the creation of this unique landscape after the end of the battle.

The second theory states that these huge round rocks are the result of a meteorite fall in this area and these tumors are the remnants of this violent conflict.

The third and perhaps most prevalent theory is that this whole spooky scene was created by a volcanic eruption about 20 million years ago, while it is worth mentioning that there are indications that once the sea reached this point.

In any case, this village is another rare attraction of our homeland and it is definitely worth visiting and wandering both in the picturesque alleys of the homonymous village and among these huge rocks.

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