“Mom you are bad” – Little Georgina’s note about Pispirigu – Common findings in all three children


Her notes are shocking little Georgina for Roula Pispirigou in a notebook he used at school.

In them, the little girl describes her feelings for her mother, calling her “evil”.

The photo from the note was shown in the main news bulletin of Star Channel and the note that little Georgina allegedly wrote in her notebook said: “No village – Mom, you are bad. “Sweetheart mom no” and has put an X on the heart, while a line below it says “selfish”. Georgina wrote the note before the episode that led to the encephalopathy.

Unpaid bills and things of the three dead children in the landlady’s apartment

Meanwhile, the revelations about the unpaid bills and the things of the three dead children that were found in the housewife’s apartment have caused a sensation today.

The lawyer of the relatives of the housewife of the Daskalaki family, in whose apartments both Eugenia Koutra and the Daskalaki family lived with their three young children, entered the building on Bizaniou Street, Patras.

As Andreas Theodoropoulos told Alpha, the left entrance of the property was violated – the glass was broken – and in fact, on this occasion “we will file a lawsuit against anyone responsible”.

«At the entrance of the first floor, which Mr. Daskalakis had a studio and had illegally occupied the apartment, on the 1st floor, the door was open. “Unfortunately, the things of these unfortunate children were inside,” said the lawyer.

He continued, presenting dozens of notices for unpaid bills: “All the bills were unpaid and they had not informed the relatives. It is an insult to the memory of a dead person to have all this, in the house where the woman who gave them the rent lived, loved the children and would transfer the house to the unfortunate Georgina, it is a shame and sacrilege to have these accounts from 2017, ’18, ‘ 19 until 2022…».

They find common findings in all three children

The basic image from the findings of the laboratory analyzes in the organ samples of the two children, Malena and Iris, have already been formed by the scientists, according to the
“Light in the Tunnel” show.

The two younger sisters of 9-year-old Georgina, who according to the authorities was murdered, have, like her, lesions in the liver and lungs that indicate pulmonary edema, as a result of hypoxia, lack of oxygen, ie in the brain and organs. What remains to be found is whether the hypoxia in the two unfortunate siblings was caused by suffocating death or by a drug. It is important that from the analysis so far, at least the initial finding of the sinus node in the Iris, becomes “Aeolian”. This is not the cause of death of the child. This was one of the main arguments of the “mother”‘s defense, who is in prison for the murder of her eldest daughter.

There is a strong sense that scientists have identified in the toxicological tests of children, something that seems to complete the puzzle of the two deaths. The results are expected in early June and then the medical examiners appointed by the Prosecutor’s Office will be able to deliver their findings.

If everything comes to the conclusion of the criminal act, the relevant prosecutions will follow.

The final line for the answers about how Malena and Iris lost their lives, also results from the call for testimony that two medical examiners have received from the Security. Both the medical examiner of Athens Christina Tsakonas, who had conducted the first forensic examination in Malena, and the medical examiner of Patras Angeliki Tsiola, who autopsied Iris. Their statements are considered extremely crucial for the final conclusions that Justice will draw. It is recalled that Mrs. Tsiola is the scientist who rang the alarm bell in the judicial authorities of Patras for the possible murder of the children.

At the same time, the relatives of the housewife of the Daskalakis-Pispirigos couple, after the evasions and the refusal of the couple to hand over the keys to their house, go on the counterattack, with the hearing of an application for precautionary measures.

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