France: Einstein’s manuscript sold for € 11.6 million at auction


A manuscript of the famous physicist Albert Einstein, in which he was preparing his general theory of relativity, was sold at auction for a record 11.6 million euros (including costs) today in Paris.

Previous records for an Einstein manuscript were $ 2.8 million (€ 2.4 million) in 2018 for a letter to God, and $ 1.56 million (€ 1.39 million) in 2017 in Jerusalem for a letter referring to the secret of happiness.

Estimates for the manuscript sold today ranged between 2m and 3m euros. Unlike the worst that were also sold for a record amount, the current one is a paper of scientific work, and this gives it its rarity.

This is a 54-page handwritten manuscript written in 1913 and 1914 in Zurich (Switzerland) by the German physicist and his collaborator and trusted friend Michel Besso.

“Einstein’s scientific handwritten manuscripts of this period, and of the period before 1919 in general, are extremely rare,” Christie’s said at the auction, where the auction was held for Aguttes.


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