Natália Deodato is accused of hotel robbery and vents: ‘Because I’m black’

Natália Deodato is accused of hotel robbery and vents: ‘Because I’m black’

Former BBB Natália Deodato, 23, is on a trip to Mexico, staying at a hotel in Cancún, and vented in her Instagram Stories after being accused of stealing a purse. “Worst of all: because I was black,” she emphasized.

“I was in the lobby and there was a bag lying in the corner, there was no one [perto]. I took it with the tip of my hand and went to take it to the receptionist. When I got there, there was a young man and he started screaming in another language. I told you I found it on the floor,” he recalled.

“It was terrible that he said… That I had taken it, as if I needed to get someone’s things. The hotel guy was very embarrassed. I told him to open it and see if anything was missing. He saw that nothing was missing and kept accusing me. I started to shake,” he said.

The manicurist also said that she was prevented from entering the hotel’s restaurant because she was wearing jeans and a jacket. “But it wasn’t because of that. We asked for a table and they wouldn’t let us sit where we wanted to. They sat us down at another table.”

Natalia went on to say that at least she has wonderful people around her during this trip. “Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by situations. Don’t let people put you down. At the time, I was in shock, I started to shake. I was very sad! But thank God I’m a little better.”

“It’s a very heavy situation. When we talk about it, it seems like it’s ‘mimimi’. These are realities that need to position us. We need to talk about prejudice until it no longer exists!” Stories.

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