The biggest sporting events have the “stamp” of bwin!

The biggest sporting events have the “stamp” of bwin!

It was a “strange” year, full of uncertainty for the sports movement as well. Not just the professional, but the amateur, the tens of thousands of people who enjoy running, have turned it into an activity that accompanies their lives and proudly take part in major events. Bwin, which has sports in its DNA, despite the difficulties, found itself for another year on the side of the top events, ensuring that they are carried out with the necessary protection measures and giving the world a way out that it had missed so much: participation in a major sporting event, the joy of preparation and participation, and the satisfaction of the finish!

The start was made in the summer, with the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta 2021, the International Race of classic and traditional boats, which opened its sails thanks to the support of bwin. This is an event of historical importance, with a huge impact inside and outside Greece, with races for classic and traditional boats, traditional boats and family dinghies, as well as rare hulls from Greece and abroad.

The first road date was given in September with the Ioannina Lake Run, the largest sporting event in Northwestern Greece. The beautiful route on the shores of Lake Pamvotida gathered people from all over Greece this year as well, with the event successfully turning 15 years old and bwin being its sponsor for the last three. The event started with the 5 and 10 km, which took place on Saturday, while on Sunday they followed the dynamic walk of 30 km, as well as the round of the lake (30 km) for elite and average runners.

In October, the Spetses Mini Marathon, the country’s top multi-sport event, took place, turning ten years old. For the third year in a row, bwin was its big sponsor, helping the island of Spetses to be filled again with the smiles and positive energy of the athletes. The participants had the opportunity to compete in different routes both in running and swimming, observing all the necessary safety measures, in a sports festival that left its mark in Spetses.

The final of 2021 was … double, taking Thessaloniki to the streets again! The Thessaloniki International Marathon – bwin and the International Night Half Marathon had the colors of the international betting brand, which helped the favorite road events of Thessaloniki to return, with their enthusiasm evident from the first moment they started arriving at the starting point.

Bwin, in addition to its practical support in holding the events, was there, present at each of them, handing out gifts to the participants and taking part with its own, separate team. The bwin Running Team gave all participants the opportunity to enjoy the routes and get to know the members of “Team Future”, the team of athletes sponsored by the international betting brand, helping them to achieve their dream and reach the Olympics. Races.

Thus, the enthusiastic runners had the opportunity to run side by side with Olympians and Champions, such as Dora Gountoura, Evangelia Platanioti, Apostolos Papastamos, but also with the great hopes of our country for distinctions in the future, such as Odysseas Mouzenidis Elina Zhengo, Anastasia Dragomirova, Tassos Latiflari and Sofia Kessidi. The member of the Running Team is also the presenter George Lentzas, who offered a special tone to the events given by the “present”, proving, among other things, that his values ​​fully match those of bwin.

On behalf of bwin, the Director of Corporate Communication, Ioanna Beriou, said: security measures. In excellent cooperation with the organizers, we did it in the best way and the smiles we saw on all our trips, was the best reward. Practical support for sports is a priority for all of us at bwin, knowing full well its multiple benefits. “We will continue to support major sporting events and participate actively, always with respect for people and their safety.”

The return of all the above gives even more impetus to bwin, in order to continue to actively support Greek mass sports and to be an aid in the effort to develop the big events throughout the country. On the one hand, as their sponsor, on the other with the bwin Running Team, which is constantly growing and making everyone who has participated speak with the best words about the experience! You can learn more about the actions at

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