Scarf: How an everyday accessory can easily become a fashion statement

Scarf: How an everyday accessory can easily become a fashion statement

There was a time when a scarf was used only for practical purposes. It was that accessory that you would wrap around your neck on cold winter days to keep warm.

However, the scarf has proven to be much more than a winter item and now both men and women use it to add charm to their outfits.

The scarf can be worn in many ways. Wherever you go or whatever you wear, you will definitely find the scarf that will perfectly complement your outfit. As long as you know how to wear it to transform it into a fashion statement.

Simple knot

Fold the scarf in half so that you have a loop on one end. Place it around your neck and pull the ends through the loop.

The Pretzel

Fold the scarf in the middle and place it around your neck, with the loop on one side. Pull one end through the loop. Take the other end and place it on top of the loop pulling from the opposite side.

The infinity scarf

Pass the scarf around your neck and tie its corners together creating a loop. Wrap it around your neck to create the effect of infinity scarf.

The preppy tie around the neck

Wrap the scarf around your neck so that one end is further away from the other. Wrap the long end twice around your neck. Finally make a loose knot with the ends.

The aristocratic knot

Fold the scarf into a triangle. Fold the middle part two more times, so that you end up with an oblong shape. Place the scarf around your neck. Tie a knot at one end and then pull the other end through this knot. Adjust the knot to the height you want.

The good thing about scarves is that they are flexible pieces that are never out of fashion. Invest in basic colors that will match any set, but also some with bold patterns and colors to complete the outfit you want to stand out.

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