Klara Castanho receives support from Antonio Fagundes: ‘I come to bring all my love’


Actor Antonio Fagundes, 73, used social media to send a message of support to Klara Castanho, 21. On Saturday (25), the actress released an open letter in which she reports a rape she suffered and the process of adopting the baby resulting from the violence. She was forced to speak out after an influencer and a journalist approached the case.

Used to posting positive messages on Instagram, Fagundes began the message saying that poetry was not suitable at that moment. “Today I come to bring all my love, respect and compassion to you Klara Castanho. Feel hugged and supported by all of us. Also take some of our strength to be firm in this difficult, sexist and misogynist world.”

In addition to Fagundes, several celebrities have sent messages of solidarity to the actress. Giovanna Antonelli declared her love for the actress: “I always imagined that if I ever had daughters, I would want them to be like you. Sweet, intelligent, good-natured, talented and full of personality. Always count on my love, in the midst of a world so hostile to around us. I love you”.

Felipe Neto was direct – but no less affectionate: “I love you and the whole of Brazil is with you. The monsters will not win!” Cleo said “he has no words” to translate what he feels in front of a girl who has gone through so much violence and wished “much strength and justice”.

Maisa, Fernanda Paes Leme, Paolla Oliveira, Camila Pitanga, Luísa Sonza, Suzana Pires, Giovanna Ewbank, Flavia Alessandra, Fabiana Karla, Danilo Gentili, Isabella Fiorentino, Taís Araujo and Anitta (“Klarinha, I left a DM [mensagem privada] on your Insta, I hope you can see it”, posted the funkeira), among many others, also showed solidarity with Klara.

After strong pressure on the networks and threats of cancellation for having made public the violence suffered by the actress, presenter Antonia Fontenelle, 49, and Metrópoles newspaper columnist Leo Dias, 47, changed their tone and used social networks to speak out.

Dias released information about the case that he would have received from a nurse who attended the actress at the hospital. After the backlash, he recanted apologizing to the actress. The Metrópoles portal, where the columnist works, also issued a note acknowledging the error for having disclosed information about the case.

The following day, Fontenelle, a candidate for federal deputy in Rio for the Republicans, changed her tone. “What came to me was not what you wrote in your open letter. When I did the live, I didn’t mention your name and what came to me was that a black child was delivered to a shelter and I know very well what who spends a black child in a shelter waiting for an adoption”.

She claimed to be against domestic violence, violence against children and women, and offered to help the actress. “It’s not internet chat, it’s not sealing. I don’t even want to accept it. I want to do everything possible and the impossible to put this rapist in jail. Let me help you. Your report that he suffered violence came to me now. Let me arrive to whoever did this to you and I have the means”. Antonia also said that she was not playing politics and did not apologize. “That’s Antonia, mother, grandmother and wife.”

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