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What not to wear to a wedding


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Many times what to wear as a guest at a wedding is a puzzle. Tips to achieve it

Weddings have fewer and fewer “don’t” rules than in previous decades, which can be great, but also makes things a little more complicated.

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Many of today’s brides are going beyond traditional wedding dresses and ending up with a stunning jumpsuit or suit. Accordingly, the groom ditches the standard black tuxedo for a pastel suit with sneakers, and the bridesmaids ditch the tonal satin dresses for something they can wear again and again, to other weddings. This means that guests, too, have just as much freedom of choice.

But before you get your long white dress ready, it’s a good idea to take a few notes into account in order to show your respect for the ceremony and the people getting married.

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Some of the rules are very simple and easy to follow (eg what colors to avoid), while others require a bit more planning – like getting beach formal right on the invitation.

#1 Don’t wear white
White and all its shades are prohibited. Only the bride wears white. Even an ivory or a soft blue, in the photographer’s lens it looks and approaches white.

So instead of white, you can put something in neutral, earthy or pastel tones.

#2 Avoid the wedding color palette
Every wedding has a specific color palette. If you wear something in tones that are in it, it will be like you are part of the wedding, in a way. As if you were a bridesmaid and not a guest.

So to avoid misunderstandings, identify the color theme from the invitation or simply ask.

#3 Don’t overdo it with casual
Even if the wedding has a relaxed dress code, you have my word: It’s not that casual. So no jeans, t-shirts.

If you’re looking for something more casual but still suitable for a wedding, think comfortable linen suits in bold colors, floral dresses with fine fabrics, shiny flat sandals.

#4 Stay in safe options
It is better to wear something calm, without excessive prints and colors. You don’t need to be the center of attention. After all, this day is not yours, but the bride’s.

Also for the same reasons, avoid sequins, glitter and excessive shine.

#5 Don’t ignore the dress code
You should take into account the dress code or the place where the sacrament and the event are being held. Time is also an element that will help you. Weddings held early in the day call for less formal options, which means more bright colors and airy fabrics. Later in the evening you will probably need a more formal outfit.

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