Filipe Ret: Video shows the moment when police wake up rapper in hotel


A video provided by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro shows the moment when rapper Filipe Ret, 37, was woken up by officers in a luxury hotel. The artist was taken to the headquarters of the DRE (Delegation for Repression of Narcotics) on Tuesday morning (19) to continue the investigation into the free distribution of marijuana cigarettes on his birthday.

​In the video, the officers explain the investigation and the action they are taking, while Ret is standing at the door of the hotel room, while drying his face with a towel. The place where he was staying is on the Costa Verde of Rio.

In the early morning, the police visited five addresses linked to the artist in Rio de Janeiro. According to a note from the DRE, another location investigated was the Vivo Rio space, which, according to investigators, refused to provide images of the day on which there was supposedly free drug distribution. Ret has not yet commented on his networks so far. With the material seized, the investigation will continue to identify all those involved in the crime.

The Vivo Rio space stated in a statement that it “collaborated and continues to collaborate with the entire investigation process” for the case. “The concert hall’s CCTV footage was provided as soon as it was requested.”

wanted by F5, the artist’s press office stated that it still does not have an official position. At the end of June, it was already expected that the rapper would be subpoenaed to testify soon. He has been investigated for drug trafficking after offering marijuana to guests at his birthday party. Images of him with a bucket full of illicit cigarettes were released by himself on his social media.

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