‘Believe in your heart’, reflects Dado Dolabella after being caught with Wanessa Camargo


This Wednesday (20), Dado Dolabella turned 42 and decided to publish a video in thanks to the fans for the affection he has received in recent days. The actor and singer ended up sharing a part of the show he participated in the Aya Música Medicina Festival, Goiás, last Saturday (16).

“A lot of gratitude for so much affection and love that I’ve received in the last few days, very intense by the way! That’s why I decided to share this learning: be careful people! The mind, mind! Believe in your heart, it does know the best way. having turns can be the most difficult, but only in the heart is the strength of truth. From the source. From the will. That will bring happiness… it may take time, it may hurt, but it comes! Believe in him”, he added, who resumed recently his old relationship with Wanessa, 39.

The two were spotted together on a spiritual retreat for the “healing of the planet”, broadcast during a live at the festival. Dado has not yet positioned himself on the new relationship with the daughter of Zezé Di Camargo and Zilu Godoi, but he left some hints in the text about her birthday. “There is no injustice that lasts forever, every injustice falls by its own weight”.

The actor also took the opportunity to talk about veganism, which he adopted a few years ago. “Just as women and blacks deserve to break this oppressive culture, all the oppressed deserve and will conquer their equity still on this plane. ‘The animals of the world exist for their own purposes. Blacks weren’t made for whites, and women weren’t made for men,’ Alice Walker. The world is going to be vegan.”

Wanessa Camargo announced the end of her marriage with businessman Marcus Buaiz in early May. Soon after, rumors began that the singer would be in a relationship with Dado, with whom she dated between 2000 and 2004, but neither of them came to confirm.

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