Juliette reveals a gift she got from Anitta and flirts with Tiago Iorc

Juliette reveals a gift she got from Anitta and flirts with Tiago Iorc

Former BBC and makeup artist Juliette Freire, 31, talked about a room she stayed in at Anitta’s house, known as the sex room, and the unusual gift she got from the singer. The revelations were made to Tatá Werneck, 38, at Lady Night (Multishow), shown this Monday (29).

Juliette said that her mother was even a guest in her room and that she always kept an eye out for her not to open a drawer. “There was a drawer there that when she was going to get it I would go there and say: no, not this drawer!”

Asked what was in the drawer, Juliette said everything. “[Vibradores] of all types, all sizes, colors,” explained the ex-BBB. Curious, Tatá asked the makeup artist if the vibrators were reusable.

“No, she gave me a new one, a present, it’s mine. Hers is there, hers is hers and mine is mine, at least we can separate that”, replied the ex-BBB, laughing.

The makeup artist admitted that she is a flirt and has already flirted with Tiago Iorc, a friend of Tatá Werneck, through social media. “There’s one you took, I wanted a lot, but she didn’t [quer}. Posso falar? O Tiago [Iorc].”

Tatá asked: “The Iorc?”. Juliette replied: “You dated him Tatá, open the game.” Tatá joked about the alleged affair. “I said, ‘hi, missing’. If he’s dating, forgive me.”

But Tatá surprised everyone by encouraging Juliette to stay with Iorc. “It’s good there, you know? It’s nice there! He’s sensitive, right?” Em said: I liked it!”

On the program, Juliette ended up revealing, after much insistence by the presenter, that she received apologies from former BBB Viih Tube participants Sarah Andrade, Gilberto Nogueira and Lumena.


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