Woman arrested for racist insults against Giovanna Ewbank’s children is released


The woman detained for racism against the children of the couple Giovanna Ewbank, 35, and Bruno Gagliasso, 40, was drunk and was released, according to information from the Portuguese newspaper Público.

The Communication and Public Relations Division of the GNR (Guarda Nacional Republicana) confirmed that witnesses witnessed the insults denounced by the actors.

The family was on vacation in the Costa da Caparica region of Portugal. The case took place at the Classico Beach Club restaurant on Saturday, 30.

In a statement, the couple’s publicist confirmed the racist attacks and said that the woman offended not only the children of the family, but also a group of Angolan tourists on a tour of the place. Giovanna and Bruno must file a formal complaint at the Portuguese police station.

On social media, a video circulated in which the children’s mother appears offending the seated woman, in defense of her children Títi, 9, and Bless, 7, both born in Malawi.

“Look at your face, I’m sorry for you, it’s a pity. You’re disgusting. You deserve you know what? You deserve a punch, a punch in your face. That’s what you deserve”, says Giovana in the video.

Bruno Gagliasso calls the local police and the woman is subsequently arrested.

With the release of the video, other Brazilian artists came out in defense of the couple. “How satisfying to Giovanna Ewbank baiting a woman who was racist with her children,” wrote former BBB Lumena on Twitter.

“Racist is about beating or public humiliation. There is no other way. Congratulations, Gioh. I will always be your fan”, said Felipe Neto on the same social network.

On instagram, writer Carla Akotirene wrote: “The European, in his delirium of superiority and white supremacy, is able to attack us anywhere in the world and no matter how much we are children of hegemonic white people. I offer solidarity”, he says.

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