Kalin Challenges: Like Oruc Reis, Abdul Hamit Will Investigate – We Are Totally Legal


As reported by Manolis Kostidis, Kalin said that Turkey is carrying out the investigations absolutely legally, even invoking permission from the occupied territories, while he added that Turkey does not pay attention to the claims of Greek Cypriots and Greeks that we are violating their territories, as “there is no legal basis”.

The representative of the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, is preparing the ground for new challenges, in view of the investigations of the Turkish drilling rig Abdul Hamit in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. Ankara has announced that the investigations will begin on August 9, while the Turkish research vessel has already left the port of Tasuku in Turkey days ago.

As the SKAI correspondent broadcasts from Istanbul, Manolis KostidisKalin speaking on the Turkish channel Haber 7 reported that as well as the Oruc Reis so will the ‘Sultan Abdul Hamit’ carry out investigations, as – as he claimed – Turkey is doing these works absolutely legally, even invoking permission from the Occupied Powers.

He added that Turkey does not pay attention to the claims of Greek Cypriots and Greeks that we are violating their own territories, because “there is no legal basis”.

He once again accused Greece of violating international treaties, while also referring to the German Foreign Ministry, Analena Burboksaying that in a superficial and ignorant way he tried to present Greece’s positions to Turkey, but he got a response from Mevlut Cavusoglu.

In detail, Ibrahim Kali stated: “Let no one be afraid of Abdul Hamit. And our Greek friends. I say that about both the ship and the sultan. Let us clarify that Turkey can and has the right to conduct research and drilling in its own territorial waters and in licensed areas.

There are the letters we have sent to the UN, there are the permits we have received from the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’. There are also the agreements we have made for the plots.

At another point in the interview Kalin said: “There is no legal basis to the allegations of Greek Cypriots and Greeks that we are violating their own territories. They are upsetting the world because they are taking our ships to areas they are de facto trying to claim as their own.

We don’t pay much attention to them.

Like Oruc Reis, but also other ships of ours have done surveys in these areas, so the ship ‘Sultan Abdul Hamit’ will do its work, we will also work in areas where we have received permission from the TRNC for the plots, we already have the right to do such research work in our own territorial waters.”

“Greece’s positions are maximalist”

In addition, the close associate of the Turkish president notes at another point: “The areas that are said to be controversial are related to the maximalist positions of Greece. For us there is no area that is controversial. But Greece through the islands has maximalist positions. Due to seven islands in the area, it claims a maritime area of ​​40,000 sq. km.

At the top of the provocative reports, he adds: “Greece clearly violates international law, the Treaties of Lausanne and Paris. But he goes to the West and tries to accuse Turkey of doing things. We saw it.

The foreign minister of Germany took these positions and in a superficial and ignorant way tried to repeat them in Turkey. But our foreign minister gave her the appropriate answers, let her be well.”

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