‘The rivals are together’, jokes Sandy’s husband at the meeting with Wanessa Camargo


Sandy, 39, and Wanessa Camargo, 39, showed this Monday (1) a snippet of the song “Leve” and a behind-the-scenes video of the recordings of the first partnership between the two, which took place at the house of Noely and Xororó’s daughter. The meeting was even mocked by Sandy’s husband, Lucas Lima: “The rivals are together”. At the beginning of the career of the oldest heiress of Zezé Di Camargo there were rumors of enmity with Sandy and they always denied it.

“I’m very happy. And we have to talk about it, like, after everything that was done to us in the media, you know. I was a big fan of yours, I already told you that, I went to the shows, I followed, I had all the CDs, you were always an example for me. A girl who was an example for all of us and then they put me in the place, which I thought, but I’m not that different”, explains Wanessa about the episode over 20 years ago . “I didn’t understand the need for people to create this ‘rivalry,’ create intrigue,” adds Sandy.

Junior’s sister and her husband said that the song was made by the duo shortly after two caught Covid-19. “When we were doing it, we already had the idea of ​​calling you. We poked each other and didn’t tell anyone”, says Lucas. “We kind of felt like this song was for you,” Sandy confides, leaving her friend perplexed.

“But you didn’t know what was going on in my life?” Wanessa asked, and Sandy revealed that she did: “I already knew you had broken up, but this whole internal thing that you’re going through right now, like, I didn’t know. Look, connected people are like that,” she says.

“Music touched me right away because I’m really looking for this moment. I’m looking for my own voice, more lightness in things in my life and a place of greater peace inside me. I’m relearning to be”, admits Wanessa.

“Leve”, is part of the project “We, voice, them 2”, by Sandy and will be released this Thursday (4) and singer soon after goes on tour with the new work in Brazil.

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