Bolsonaro again denies the 1964 coup and says he is not an enemy of culture


Without haste and even doing imitations of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Jair Bolsonaro (PL) participated in an interview with the Flow Podcast on Monday night (8). The current president and candidate for reelection in October spoke about politics, health, education and culture. He lamented what he calls a “lack of dialogue” with the artistic class and complained of being called an anti-democrat by the category.

“The artists are signing this manifesto for democracy that has been signing en masse the pro-democracy letter prepared by the USP Law School (University of São Paulo) and they still accuse me of an anti-democratic president. They accuse me of being against it. enemy of culture. I am not against artists, but they sign because they want the Rouanet Law to return. Why do they want Rouanet to return? I joined, my government ended it and they didn’t like it,” Bolsonaro admitted.

The president also said that the military regime “has pros and cons” and reiterated that there was no military coup in 1964. “There was no foot in the door, coups are carried out with the foot in the door. Firing, wall… accordance with the Constitution of 1946”, he declared.

Bolsonaro confirmed during the interview that he will participate in Globo’s “sabatina”, scheduled for August 22. “There was a misunderstanding with Globo, but I’m going to participate in the hearing. I’m not going to the debate because I’m not going to subject myself to the guy asking me zucchinis or wanting to comply with me. Let’s discuss Brazilian issues”.

The presenter then wanted to know what he considered “zucchinis”. “Getting the number here, or what I don’t know from the research there. That doesn’t interest Brazil. It matters what I did and show the truth of my government. What they [Globo] never did”, commented Bolsonaro.

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