Guilherme de Pádua: Artists’ Union will file a lawsuit to revoke the actor’s registration


Three weeks after the release of the documentary series “Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez”, on HBO Max, the Sindicato dos Artistas do Rio de Janeiro (Sated-RJ) discovered that Guilherme de Pádua is still registered as an acting professional by the association of the actors and decided to request the revocation of the license of Daniella Perez’s killer at the Ministry of Labor.

“I was alerted by several associates and I decided to investigate. Mr. Guilherme de Pádua had the professional registration, which was not provided by Sated do Rio. It came through a request from Minas Gerais. I have already made an initial contact with the president of the Minas Gerais union, Magdalena Rodrigues, and I’m waiting for the answer. The next step is to file a joint action with the Ministry of Labor asking for the cassation”, says Hugo Gross to the F5.

​Hugo, who even participated in the cast of the soap opera “De Corpo e Alma” (1992), but was not part of Daniella Perez and Guilherme de Pádua, admitted that he was surprised that the actor’s registration was not revoked at the time of the crime. “I didn’t understand what happened, but these are different times. We don’t agree with people who have this tendency to tarnish the image of our category. We cannot allow that citizen to want to return to work as an actor tomorrow”, explains the president of Sated. -RJ

The report sought out Magdalena Rodrigues. “We haven’t heard from Guilherme de Pádua for over 30 years, since he left here to try his hand at acting in Rio. -MG She confirmed that it was the Minas Gerais association that issued a certificate of training for Guilherme de Pádua to take the professional registration, in the late 1980s.

Magdalena even saw Guilherme de Padua’s file for the F5. “There has been no update in recent years. He has not been part of the membership for a long time because he was always in default. In fact, he never paid”, he concluded.

Daniella Perez was killed at age 22 by Guilherme de Pádua and his then wife, Paula Thomaz. The two set an ambush for the actress and killed her with scissors, on December 28, 1992. The crime that shocked Brazil became a series of five episodes. “Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez” is directed by the duo Tatiana Issa and Guto Barra.

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