Deborah Secco explains herself after meme with her reaction to Wanessa Camargo’s show


After showing another program of “Altas Horas” (TV Globo), presented by Serginho Groisman, netizens echoed the reaction of actress Deborah Secco during Wanessa Camargo’s show. In the video, she has a worried expression and looks down, but when the camera focuses on her, the actress smiles.

It was recalled on the web that Deborah Secco was betrayed by Dado Dolabella in the early 2000s to stay with Wanessa Camargo and that, therefore, there would still be remnants of resentment. “When I have to disguise my rancidity lol”, wrote a profile on Twitter. “Just Deborah Secco almost asleep on stage,” said another.

This Sunday (14), the actress decided to comment on the matter in her stories on Instagram. “There are people talking so much nonsense about this meme that I made a point of coming to explain. Wanessa was there, goddess, singing and I saw the camera doing a 360 [graus] in it, I saw that the thread was left on the floor, Wanessa is walking backwards, almost hooking her foot on the thread, and I’m getting a little distressed and traveling on it”, she says.

“Stop creating things from the past, people, for God’s sake. I adore Wanessa, I’m a fan of hers, I want her to be happy, no matter what”, he concluded.

Even so, there were still people who recalled that the singer and the actress already shared the stage of “Altas Horas” in 2007 and that, during a performance by Wanessa, she also seemed to have a look similar to the one shown this Saturday. “Me changing my expression when the girl arrives on the ride”, wrote another profile on Twitter.

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