Silvero Pereira regrets the role of transvestite in Globo’s soap opera: ‘I re-educated myself’


Actor Silvero Pereira, 40, said that, currently, he would not accept to play the role of Elis Miranda, a character in “A Força do Querer” (2017) that marked her debut in Globo’s soap operas. For him, having played the role took away the opportunity for a transvestite actress to be hired by the network.

“I hope that the market is a little smarter in this aspect, that the market starts to make invitations to me that are not just to defend my cause”, said the actor. For him, the casting was a mistake and even highlighted his desire to make characters that come out of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“It’s not because I’m an openly LGBT actor and because I’m clearly LGBT on my networks and everywhere I go that I’m not able to play a straight character, who runs away from my sexuality,” he added, in an interview with the Papo podcast. of Novela, from Gshow.

In the soap opera, Elis Miranda was a transvestite who led a double life so as not to suffer prejudice. During the day, she was Nonato, a driver for a serious company. At night, she performed at a club like Elis. In the plot, the character helped Ivan (Carol Duarte) discover his transsexuality and go through the transition.

“Today I wouldn’t play Elis Miranda, most likely. Because I also reeducated myself on this story, and we need to be in agreement with the struggles and causes. After ‘A Força do Querer’, I didn’t accept any more characters. trans or transvestite, and I even stopped doing my shows because of that”, he concluded.

The artist is an activist for the LGBTQIA+ cause and, throughout his career, has made other characters who were also part of the community. In the movie “Bacurau” he played a person of fluid sexuality and now he plays Zaquieu, a gay pawn, in the soap opera “Pantanal” (Globo).

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