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Famous Rapper Kid Cudi Reveals He Suffered A Stroke – At The Same Time He Had Entered A Rehab Center


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The rapper opened up about his ongoing feud with ex-boyfriend Kanye West

THE Kid Candy he always talks honestly about the health problems he faces and his phobias, which forced him away from music.

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In an interview with “Esquire”the rapper revealed that he suffered a stroke two weeks after entering rehab for depression and drug addiction in 2016.

The 38-year-old rapper said he had to be hospitalized after the stroke reduced his ability to speak as well as his movement, telling the magazine that now “everything is fine”.

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After undergoing physical rehabilitation for months, Cuddy finally felt he had made a significant improvement when he auditioned for the Broadway play, “Lobby Hero,” starring Michael Cera.

The rapper had to memorize a lot of dialogue for the role, which he ultimately didn’t get, but he felt victorious.

I proved to myself that I can do it. I needed it at that moment,” he said. “I was happy. Hell, my brain is still going strong. I didn’t miss anything with what happened».

During the same interview, the rapper opened up about his ongoing feud with his ex-boyfriend, Kanye West. Kandy said Kanye should grow up and accept Kim Kardashian’s divorce filing.

If you can’t be an adult and deal with the fact that you lost your wife? That’s not my problem. You have to bear your problems like any man in this life“, he said, adding: “I’ve lost women too. And I had to endure it. I don’t need this in my life».

The feud between the two friends began last year when Kardashian was dating comedian Pete Davidson, one of Kandi’s good friends.

Kid Candy suffered a stroke

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