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Six ways to de-stress


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Every person is exposed to stress every day. The more frequent and intense the stress, the more difficult it is to deal with daily obligations.

The term anxiety comes from the verb ἄγχω, which in the ancient Greek language means to squeeze or suffocate. And not unfairly as we experience such feelings when it possesses us. It is normal for every human being to feel anxiety as it is a normal physical and mental reaction to a threat or a request to deal with demanding situations.

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When a person feels stressed, their body is tense and their brain is fired with multiple thoughts. Every person is exposed to stress every day. The more frequent and intense the stress, the more difficult it is to deal with daily obligations. There are natural ways to get rid of it and we list them below.

1. Hugs

Hugs are so important they even have their own international day. And that’s because they are one of the best anti-stress “medicines”: they release oxytocin, the “love hormone”, which (among other things) makes us feel calm. Experts recommend at least 8 hugs a day!

2. Back to nature

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Nature is the greatest enemy of stress. The sea, the mountain, the flowers, the trees, the smells have the magical ability to remove negative thoughts, clear the mind, calm you down and fill you with a feeling of euphoria, well-being, optimism. If it is not possible, take a walk in a park or grove, there will surely be one in your neighborhood.

3. Inhale – Exhale

When the body is stressed and the heart rate rises, the solution is provided by meditation and inhalation-exhalation techniques. To calm down, focus on your breath and wander into foreign places. Take deep breaths through the nose, hold the oxygen for 5 to 7 seconds, and then exhale through the mouth, pursing the lips (as if whistling). Relaxing breaths will slow the heart rate. Repeat the exercise ten to twenty times.

4. Exercise

Physical exercise helps clear your mind and reduces stress levels. Activities that require your mental concentration like yoga are the best. High on the list is running in case you want something with more movement.

5. Food

Reduce the intake of caffeine and sugar in your diet as much as you can and try to include in your diet foods that limit cortisol levels, such as complex carbohydrates (pasta, oats, bread, cereals), oranges, fatty fish and especially milk and tea, which relieve stress and mood swings.

6. Laughter

Put laughter and humor in your life. Choose to watch funny videos, jokes that your friends post on Facebook, watch comedies. In difficult times, say something lighter to yourself, see the situation from a humorous side and don’t let yourself ‘fall’ at the slightest thing.

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