Eliana, close to 50, says she is not dazzled by fame and avoids citing Globo


Close to turning 50, presenter Eliana says she is not dazzled by fame. Ahead of a Sunday afternoon program on SBT, the most important day on Brazilian television and full of competition, she considers herself a resilient person and, when taking stock, evaluates that everything that happened in her life came to improve her as a human being. .

“The difficulties have served me as a learning experience many times. I have a resilient personality and it seems that I come back stronger from the difficult times I’ve already lived”, he says in an interview with F5. “I am the result of all this together and mixed. I feel happy with my current moment and I still have a lot to learn, as a woman, mother and professional”, continues Eliana, who has had problems in previous pregnancies and is now Manuela’s mother, 5, and Arthur, 11.

Perhaps as a consequence of the positive moment in her career, Eliana became the target of rumors about a possible departure from SBT towards Globo. Rumors point to date, it would be in November. The presenter’s advice denies the change.

Asked about the matter and whether an eventual search for a channel of the rival’s caliber would flatter her as a professional, Eliana preferred not to answer.

The presenter, who started her career on SBT, even made a stint at Record before returning. And now, in this second moment at Silvio Santos’ station, she’s been 13 years old, always on Sundays. Despite not confirming the rumors about Globo, she has already made a change this year, by running Netflix’s reality show Ideias à Venda.

“I feel mature, but with the same energy as always to fulfill my personal and professional goals with love. I’m always learning”, she says, who also avoided questions about the disputes over the audience with her main opponent, Rodrigo Faro, from Record.

“I have humility and zero fascination, I feel a constant desire to evolve. And this feeling makes me feel alive and happy until now”, concludes Eliana.

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