Marilyn Manson is accused of threatening Evan’s 8-year-old son Rachel Wood

Marilyn Manson is accused of threatening Evan’s 8-year-old son Rachel Wood

“Westworld” actress Evan Rachel Wood alleges in court documents that her ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson threatened her eight-year-old son. The statement was made in documents related to a legal dispute over the child’s custody, stemming from Wood’s relationship with actor Jamie Bell.

In February, Evan claimed to have suffered a series of abuses during his relationship with Manson. After the complaint, other women shared their own negative experiences with the rocker, who is now the target of prosecutions for rape, torture, sexual violence, illegal imprisonment, and sex trafficking.

According to the British Daily Mail, Evan Rachel Wood claimed in April in court papers that the musician had threatened to “fuck” her son, Jack, in addition to threatening her with death and claiming that he would “destroy” the families of other women accuse. The actress claims to have installed bulletproof glass, a metal door and a security fence in her home after the threats.

Earlier this year, she left Los Angeles with her son to live in Nashville, Tennessee, because of her “safety concerns” for the child. “I am extremely afraid of the alleged abuser,” he says. “I suffered trauma and severe physical and emotional damage at his hands, and I am afraid he will seek revenge against me for testifying by hurting me, my son, and members of my family.”

Wood claims to have heard from another of the alleged victims that Manson would have pictures of her children as well as their social records. He is said to have told the woman, whose identity has not been revealed, that he knows where their families live, where the kids go to school, where they and their parents work, and that “they’re fucked, and they’re going to be destroyed.”

The legal dispute between Evan Rachel Wood and her ex-husband is related to the actress’s move to Nashville. Jamie Bell accuses her of wanting to take him away from her son.

“I don’t understand what’s going on,” the actor told the court, according to the Daily Mail. “Either the allegations that Evan is getting ‘death threats’ are true and Jack isn’t safe with her, or they’re not true and she’s separating our son from me for other reasons she invented.”

The sequence of accusations against Marilyn Manson began with text published by Evan on his social networks. She claims she was a teenager when she met the singer, and says she has been “abused and manipulated” by him for years.

Manson denied all the accusations on his Instagram, calling them “horrific distortions of reality”.


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