Elections – KINAL: “High tones” in the race for the presidency – The opposition for 4-2-1


Nikos Androulakis and George Papandreou are now engaged in a tough political bra de fer, after the direct admission of the latter, yesterday in SKAI, that he distinguishes an old-party mentality in his fellow candidate.

George Papandreou’s associates seem to insist on the “against” that has begun regarding the former prime minister’s reports on the famous “four-two-one”, citing a 2013 article, according to which Nikos Androulakis and Andreas Papamimikos from New Democracy, had made this division of seats.

The “tones” have risen and it is estimated that the climate of tension will increase more and more by Friday.

In any case, it remains “in the air” whether we will finally see a debate take place between the two candidates.

George Papandreou, for his part, has, however, sent a reply letter to ERT in which he states his intention to participate in such a process.

Nikos Androulakis has not, so far, given any answer.

What we do know, however, is that Nikos Androulakis for the next three days already has some speeches scheduled for the evening hours.

It is recalled that George Papandreou had not participated in the first debate that took place between the candidates for the presidency of KINAL, however now he wants to participate in whatever else takes place either on ERT or on private channels.

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