A Fazenda 14: Naldo Benny threatens MC Créu after criticism of Strawberry Shortcake: ‘I’ll give you a dick’


MC Créu didn’t even appear in A Fazenda 14, but his time at Paiol still pays off. The singer, who lost to Bia Miranda in the public vote to be the 21st participant in Record’s rural reality, was threatened by Naldo Benny. In the early hours of this Sunday (18), the interpreter of “Se Joga” detonated the funkeiro and warned that if he continues to speak ill of Ellen Cardoso, he will “give a dick” to Moranguinho’s ex-boss. Naldo’s wife was a dancer for MC Créu ten years ago.

“If you say one more ‘a’ to my wife, I’ll go inside your house to get you. My wife entered the Farm because I let her. For her to make an artistic desire, an artistic dream. It’s not for money, because I I don’t need this shit,” began Naldo.

As soon as he learned that Créu was running for a spot on the attraction, Moranguinho exposed the problems he had at the time when he was part of the funkeiro group to the other pedestrians. In Ellen’s version, the then-manager put in contractual clauses for fines if she didn’t give him credit for extra work, in addition to paying the dancers a very low fee. Créu denied it and said that Naldo’s wife was not a trustworthy person.

Naldo countered MC Créu and made heavy threats: “I’ll go inside your house and get you and I’ll give you a dick. I’m telling you, there’s no police, there’s no fucking. because you’re soft,” he raged.

The singer also accused the funk singer of wanting media attention and doing everything he could to get into the reality show led by Adriane Galisteu. “Forget about my wife, now it’s me and you. You’re trying to rip off the woman I love. I even respected you until today, now it’s you and me, man to man,” he added.

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