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These Are the Five ‘Love Languages’ – Which One Expresses You, According to Your Sign


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Because we all have a “hidden button” that the right person will discover and we will live the “Happily Ever After” that more or less, we are all looking for.

The five “love languages” they express the way in which you, your loved one, will or will besiege you.

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Which are:

  • Words of affirmation
  • The acts of service
  • The gifts
  • Quality time
  • Physical contact

After finding your ascendant and Moon, it’s time to learn your own love language!

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The ideal lover for you is your personal cheerleader, the one who supports you every moment, no matter how crazy your ideas are. You appreciate positive affirmations, goodnight phone calls, and letters from not-so-secret admirers. The one who loves you cannot be shy or embarrassed about it. You need someone who shouts their love from the street like John Cusack in Say Anything.

As an earth sign, there is nothing more important to you than being comfortable with your loved one. Your ideal is a day on the couch, cuddled up in a plush blanket with a Netflix marathon while eating yet another plate of nachos. You need someone who’s willing to be lazy AF with you, and for you—one who’s also willing to happily clean your house after a day of rest and relaxation.

Let’s face it: You never stop talking. This is why you crave anyone who can keep up with your way of thinking and communicating. You want your opinions to match from the simplest topic to the most important discussion and even if you disagree a little, he will ultimately follow you in whatever decision you make.

All you want is to be around the people you love. The ideal lover for you will want to accompany you through all the milestones of your life, as well as hold your hand during the difficult times. Your love philosophy can be summed up by the iconic moment from the finale of When Harry Met Sally, “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you’ll want the rest of your life to begin as as soon as possible.” Everything is better when you are together.

You love the limelight, so being close to your loved one is non-negotiable. Long distance relationships always wear thin because as much as it’s nice to have someone singing your praises on FaceTime, you want to feel the love IRL. You also don’t mind being showered with gifts and compliments (and giving them in return)! You feel loved—and you feel more like yourself—when you feel like the star of a movie. A supporting role just won’t do anything.

You are everyone’s emergency contact, so it means so much to you when someone else offers to do it for you. The ideal lover for you is someone who not only washes the dishes, takes your clothes or your car for an oil change, but does your chores following your exact instructions, without straying and without comment.

As the top stylist and tastemaker of the zodiac, you crave well-curated gifts from lovers and friends. It doesn’t have to be expensive or luxurious, it just has to reflect your unique personality and aesthetic. Like Gemini, you also love the most inside jokes.

Although everyone makes you out to be a sexy, mysterious guy, what really matters to you is spending quality time with the people you love. You need friends and lovers who are comfortable with every aspect of you, and that’s because you’re on the edge.

You give it your all for drama. And since you’re always chasing the next adventure, you need someone who can keep up with your pace. Creating perfect memories is one of the most important things to you, since in your parallel universe, your loved one has already planned all those trips you want to take, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride together.

You’re into everything and because you obviously always know best, you also enjoy the finer things in life and want a lover who appreciates them equally. Nothing is better for you than someone who knows how to select the highest quality piece at the best price.

You’re a rebel with a cause, so you want those you love to not only share your values ​​but also fight for them. You’re crazy about someone who doesn’t need to be reminded to get involved in local politics and worthy charities. And the key to your heart is not just making a big donation or showing up at a huge protest, but doing small things every day that make a difference, right down to activism.

Let’s be honest, Pisces: You want someone who would walk through fire for you. But you would never ask for it. Always thinking of others before yourself, you need a lover who affirms you while also taking a big helping of emotional labor off of you. You are a dreamer and those who love you must be willing to keep pulling you down to earth.

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