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The iPhone’s hidden trick – It makes something we do every day easier


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Incredible iPhone trick that few people know about. See photos.

Fifteen years since the release of the first one iPhonemost of us think we know everything about this device that has now become an extension of ourselves.

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But an Australian techie has revealed one hidden trick of the iPhone that few know about.

Most of us have had to get one screenshot of our iPhone screen to show someone else something we see. What we are doing is trying to show where he should focus his attention by drawing one red circle or one dart.

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Of course, those who have done it know that these shapes, as a rule, look like as if they were drawn by a preschooler.

Well there is a solution. According to the trick revealed by Ramal, if at the time you draw the circle on the screen, you do not remove your finger from it, but keep pressing on the same spot for a while, then automatically the crooked circle you drew turns into a round circle.


The same is true if you draw an arrow or some other shape.

Just remember not to take your finger off the screen at all when you’re done drawing the shape.

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