Adam Levine’s alleged betrayals generate criticism and memes on the networks


Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, 43, has been the target of criticism and memes on Twitter after at least three women – one of them his former yoga instructor – revealed they received flirty messages from the singer on social media. The alleged direct comes after the singer denied that he cheated on his wife Behati Prinsloo, 34, for a year with model Sumner Stroh, 21.

One internet user commented that it is important to separate the artist from the work. “Although I found him [Levine] a scoundrel as a person, Maroon 5’s music continues to be much worse. Cheating on your pregnant wife is terrible, but it’s for the music of his band that he should be judged in The Hague.”

Another Twitter user said Levine’s alleged betrayals of the woman confirm that men don’t feel guilt or regret their wrongdoings until things come to light. “In the meantime, they can live their peaceful lives as if nothing happened, despite having screwed someone else.”

A netizen criticized the singer after model Sumner Stroh revealed he wanted to name his son after him. “Bicho, imagine if Adam Levine had managed to name his son after his mistress and his wife would find out later, the child was already about three years old. lover.”

A user of the social network was shocked to learn that the singer is married to a Victoria Secrets model and that he cheated on her after eight years of marriage and pregnant with her third child. “Three seconds after that I knew he wanted to name the child she is expecting after his lover. Wait I need a minute,” she wrote alongside the Muppets character Kermit thoughtfully.

Another person shared a meme of a man in court and a lawyer reading the charges. “Adam Levine in divorce court as they read all your directs [nas redes sociais]”, he wrote. While another posted the image of a woman spitting the drink and the caption: “I just saw a gay calling Adam Levine Arthur Aguiar of the USA.”

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