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Leo: Which signs do you go with and which don’t you?


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Self-centered beings by nature, Leos cannot fit in and keep up with everyone.

Their reputation as drama queens may precede them, but they can’t be limited to emotional outbursts. Like their companion signs of Aries and Sagittarius, the Leos they want to bring light to everyone around them. They are one of the most generous signs of the zodiac and are very protective and territorial in their inner circle.

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Although they may appear proud and confident, Leos actually have big hearts and may put up a wall until they know you’re trustworthy.

This is why we see great shifts and differences in how well they fit with the rest of the signs.

12. Leo and Scorpio

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These two supreme power signs of the zodiac, representing the tension between wanting to be loved and wanting to be feared, don’t do well together. Leos like to be the center of attention (they’re ruled by the Sun, after all), and Scorpios are just the opposite. Scorpios need to know that they’re the only person their partner really cares about impressing, and that’s a tall order for a Leo—you can be their No. 1, but they’ll always want to impress numbers two through 100.

11. Leo and Pisces

Pisces are highly sensitive, with intuition that tunes them into the world in a way that we mere non-Pisces mortals can’t even see (no surprise if they identify as empaths). Leos, meanwhile, are very grounded in reality and are looking for someone to share it with. There is a lot that a Leo has to process before they can make contact with a Pisces.

10. Leo and Cancer

While Cancers appreciate a strong, dominant personality – especially one as bold and charming as Leo – they need layers of emotional depth to feel like they can truly trust a partner. Leos mean what they say and say what they mean, sometimes without the added sensitivity check a Cancer needs. They may start from a romantic place, but for these two to get through the honeymoon phase, it won’t be so much about what they say as it will be about the tone.

9. Leo and Taurus

Tauruses and Leos share two great loves: luxury and pampering. But while Leos like nice things as a means to attract attention, Tauruses are in it for the pleasure itself. They are quite private, especially in relationships, while Leos wear their hearts on their sleeves. And therein lies the difficulty: These two like the same things, but Leo’s over-sharing usually clashes with Taurus’ possessive nature. As a Taurus sees it, when they find happiness, there’s no need to spill their feelings to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, a Leo is confident that even if they overshare, people can’t copy an original even if they try.

8. Leo and Capricorn

Capricorns and Leos are both ambitious signs. But Leo is all, “If I stay true to myself, good things will fall into place,” and Capricorn says, “Yeah, but we need a spreadsheet, five-year projections, and you have to zip.” It really comes down to a clash of management styles: Leos are kings and Capricorns are presidents. But if Capricorns remember that sometimes working hard means playing hard, and if a Leo can appreciate the work ethic it takes to enjoy the accolades they rightfully deserve, these two alphas can come together.

7. Leo and Virgo

Virgos may tend to be more introverted than Leo, but as perfectionists, they will go the extra mile to show their partners how dedicated they are. Meanwhile, Leos love to be proud of their significant others, and while Virgos may shy away from self-promotion, Leos will shout to the heavens about how smart and brilliant and perfectly beautiful and supportive they are (and so on). Sure, Virgos may be embarrassed by this flattery, but if they know he’s sincere, they secretly love it.

6. Leo and Aquarius

While Aquarians can be a little cool to the outgoing Leo, what they share is their passion for ideas. Both Aquarians and Leos are quite thoughtful, and tend to enjoy a lively exchange of ideas – especially when it comes to politics. The danger is when both know they’re right (um, always), the battle of egos can be epic. Fortunately, Aquarians tend not to take things too personally, which will help them navigate their personal politics while being on the same page about their real politics. If they can do that, they’ll never run out of things to talk about — or advocate.

5. Leo and Libra

The glue that binds a Libra and a Leo is good taste, honey. Together, their love language is the best things in life. This is not just about spending a lot of money. it has to do with their natural appreciation of art, beauty and luxury. And while Libras have a reputation for being indecisive, Leos are happy to step up and steer the ship.

4. Leo and Leo

Leos get Leos. In fact, sometimes they are the only ones who truly understand how much love they have to give. This is a couple that will bring out each other’s true selves. After all, a Leo is constantly trying to get to know the real you, the one behind the beautifully edited Instagram selfies (no “Gatsbying” here, folks). These two will push each other to embrace who they are, not just what they think they should be. But there will also be plenty of selfies—they’re Leos.

3. Leo and Aries

They’re a headstrong duo, but they’re usually on the same wavelength. As fire signs, Aries and Leo prefer grand displays of affection and respect each other’s respectful approach to romance. Aries move quickly when they like someone, and let’s just say Leos are uncharacteristic and attracted to mediocrity and subtlety.

2. Leo and Sagittarius

The natural chemistry between Sagittarius and Leo is off the charts hot. When they finally take a breather from the “romantic chase” they play at first to catch each other’s eyes, this couple shares a sense of optimism and an appreciation for good conversation. And that’s lucky because Sagittarians love to talk.

1. Leo and Gemini

This is a bit bold, since zodiac compatibility is usually determined by element first (fire signs are always #1 to other fire signs, etc.). But don’t sleep on the magic of the combination of air sign Gemini and fire sign Leo. Geminis are adorable, in love and intelligent. Plus, they don’t mind letting their partners take the lead. A Leo’s natural charisma and energy can hold the eye of a volatile Gemini.

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