Katia Dandoulakis on “Our Breakfast”: I send as much light as my soul has to Christos Politis


The beloved actress gave a full interview to “Our Breakfast” to SKAI and Fai Skordas

Full interview granted to “Our Breakfast” to SKAI and Fai Skordas, the favorite actress, Katia Dandoulakis.

“I am very well”, replied Katia Dandoulaki, to the presenter’s question about how she is at this time.

As expected, Fai Skorda asked Katia Dandoulakis about her stylistic choices, since the well-known actress is always elegant, wearing clothes from her favorite designer friends and more.

“I really like fashion. And I like to follow fashion in what suits me, not fashion in general. I can’t support everything.

However, I think fashion is a great art. It is a “shuffle” of the time, exactly what we are living now. Fashion, Arts and culture are one thing,” she admitted.

Then the discussion of the two women focused on the theater and the new show that will be staged in October, at the Katia Dandoulaki Theater, adapted and directed by Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas.

“We are currently rehearsing a wonderful play by Robert Thomas, Choose Your Death My Love, which is an adaptation of The Double Game, one of the award-winning author’s most popular plays.

It has a clever plot. There’s no way anyone will ever fully understand what’s going on. And most importantly, the project is staged with an excellent troupe of protagonists: Koralia Karantis, Anna Maria Papacharalambous, Panos Stathakopoulos and George Gerontidakis.

I was lucky to choose the collaborations. I’m not a person who breaks things apart”, noted Katia Dandoulaki meaningfully.

As she revealed herself, even if there were difficulties in some cooperation or negative attitudes she was patient. “I’m not a person who keeps negativity inside. Of course, if I come in a very extreme case, something can be broken,” said the beloved actress with disarming honesty.

Katia Dandoulaki gave her own answer to the question of Fais Skordas and about what Christos Politis said in a recent interview about her, during the period when they starred together in “Lampsi” and the 3 million.

“When I speak and decide to say something, I will only speak the truth. If I don’t want to talk about it, I won’t say anything at all. Believe me and torture me right now, I have nothing negative to remember from Christos. I love him so much, I hurt him so much, we had such wonderful years together.

In Lampsi we had a wonderful and difficult time because it was a demanding, daily serial. I want to tell you that my Christos is always my Christos and I am saddened by only one thing: When the years pass, if inside you there is only sadness and negativity, it comes back to you and it destroys your life. I want him to be strong,” said Katia Dandoulaki.

“Money never came between us. When we grow up, some people – probably Christos Politis has fallen in this case – are tormented by the negatives of life. For me, my soul is a treasury only for the joys and for the pains, the great ones, that I have gone through.

Specifically, I had no regrets from Christos. I want to send him as much light as my soul has and the love I have for him and everything else is beyond my own understanding. I love him very much and I want him to be strong and to see joy in his life, peace”, concluded Katia Dandoulaki.

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