Radio broadcaster is indicted for homophobia against 1st gay journalist to present JN

Radio broadcaster is indicted for homophobia against 1st gay journalist to present JN

After two years, the Civil Police of Goiânia indicted radio broadcaster Luiz Gama for the crime of homophobia against journalist Matheus Ribeiro, 27. The Geacri (Group Specialized in Assistance to Victims of Racial Crimes and Crimes of Intolerance) heard Gama, Ribeiro and witnesses and sent the inquiry with the final report to the Public Ministry.

According to lawyer Ricardo Sidi, who represents Ribeiro, the electronic subpoena was sent on Monday (6) to the case’s prosecutor. With that, Ribeiro’s lawyer waits for the Prosecutor of the 5th Criminal Court of Goiânia to prepare and file a complaint against the broadcaster.

Sidi explains that, before the case went to Geacri, he stayed in a normal police station, where he took too long. “For us out here it’s always a black box, I know it took a long time for such a simple inquiry, but you’re not the only one that took a long time.”

The lawyer says that Geacri was quick to hear everyone involved and witnesses, concluded the police investigation and sent it to the Public Prosecutor’s Office on December 2nd. “When [o caso] went to the hand of this new police station [Geacri], the delegate did a super quick job, he listened to everyone who needed to hear to end the inquiry as it effectively did.”

“That said, once proven the materiality and authorship of the crime of homophobia/transphobia, conduct consummated through the practice, induction or incitement to discrimination or prejudice based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity committed through the media social or publication of any nature, I indict Luiz Carlos Alves, aka Luiz Gama, for the practice of the crime of homophobia and transphobia (social racism)”, says the Geacri report sent to the Prosecutor’s Office.

wanted by F5 to comment on the decision, Gama had not manifested himself until the publication of the report.


In November 2019, Luiz Gama used Twitter to make homophobic comments against Matheus Ribeiro, after he was the first openly homosexual man to present Jornal Nacional (Globo).

“Putz! Where is Brazil going to end up? Burning the donut is now fashionable. An average quality TV news presenter turned the tide in national journalism just because he revealed that his donut is available. The professional quality that is…”, wrote Gamma.

In another publication, the broadcaster left hints for TV Globo: “Jair Bolsonaro is absolutely correct in ending registration with the DRT and in ending the requirement for a diploma for journalists. After all, he has a very weak spot on the national network just because of the color of the skin and another communion making fame just because he warned that he burns the donut”.

After the comments, Luiz Gama was removed from the sports scene that he presented on the radio BandNews Goiânia. The announcement was made live on the radio, on November 18, 2019, by BandNews director Marcos Villas Boas.

At the time, Villas Boas said that Gama was an announcer for a company outsourced by the Band, Feras do Esporte, and not hired directly by the radio. This company was asked to replace him.

In an official statement, BandNews FM Goiânia said at the time that “it fights with conviction any manifestations of prejudice, intolerance or discrimination”.

“In this way, even in the case of an external, individual initiative, dissociated from the station’s position and the ideals it defends, we inform you that any employee who has an adverse behavior to these values ​​will not be maintained as part of the team. In common agreement with the team Beasts of Sport, we started renewing the staff in order to remove the employee (Luiz Gama) who took a path contrary to this stance.”


A day after being fired, Luiz Gama published a video on Instagram acknowledging the mistake and admitting that he made exaggerations in the posts on social networks. “This video has only one purpose. I want here to acknowledge my mistake, some exaggerations I made in posts that were mistakenly interpreted as racist or homophobic,” he said.

The broadcaster denied being homophobic or racist and asked for forgiveness from all those who felt offended. “I never referred to you, journalist Matheus Ribeiro from TV Anhanguera, not at all when I made those posts. But still, I apologize and ask you to reconsider my position.”

“Everyone can rest assured that I am speaking from the heart. I have never wanted to offend any gay or non-gay person, black, white, brown or whatever their race,” added Gama.


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