Akis Sakellariou on “Our Breakfast”: “My family and friends are the priority and then comes work”


The beloved actor spoke to Fai Scordas about his health adventure

Invited to “Our Breakfast” on SKAI and Faye Skordas he was the favorite actor Akis Sakellariou. Mr. Sakellariou referred to the health problem he faced in the past, driven by the song “Last for life”, with which the presenter welcomed him. “Let’s go live,” he said, smiling.

“What we have been through, the experiences, remain deep inside us. They enter a daily routine, but I believe that some elements remain. Really, your “inside” is shaken and somehow we learn from it. It’s the survival instinct that comes out of such an adventure.”

The actor answered the question of Fais Skordas, about whether his priorities changed after his health problem. “My loved ones, my family and my friends have always been my priority. As for the issue of career and the running that exists with the various theater and cinematography, these come second.”

The well-known actor also spoke about his “artistic child”, Dimitria, who are returning with live performances after two years of pandemic. In this institution, Akis Sakellariou is the coordinator of the artistic committee.

At the same time, the actor stars in the show “The Witches of Salem” at the Bretania theater, with an excellent troupe of actors: Renia Louizidou, Michalis Aerakis, Danae Epithymiadis, Yiannis Kalatzopoulos, Melina Vamvakas, Kostas Kappas.

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