Love Island: Premiere tonight at 23:15 on – Download the app, vote, choose and shape the course of the game!


Take a look at the terms included in the most… love-dictionary!

The funnest reality dating show starts tonight at 11:15pm on with Iliana Papageorgiou welcoming the 10 Islanders to the luxury Love Island villa in Tenerife. What are the reactions of girls and boys when they meet for the first time?

On Love Island, the god of love has his own app, and he loves to play! Download the Love Island Greece App for free on your mobile phone and get access to exclusive material from inside the villa, the biographies of all the participants, the funniest quizzes and online votes that can change the game!

Which Islanders would you like to date? Which “temptation” do you want to enter and stir up the waters in the villa? Who is your favorite couple? With your answers, you influence the evolution of love stories in magical Tenerife! Soon, through the app, the moment will come when you will be able to communicate with them! Experience the game as if you were there!


On the island of love everything takes on its own meaning. Words, meanings and expressions are sweetly mixed up creating a new vocabulary for those looking for love! Let’s take a look at the terms included in the most… love-dictionary!

Love guard: The dazzling presenter of Love Island, Iliana Papageorgiou.

Islander (o,h): She is a resident of “Love Island”. Girls and boys having fun with their souls looking for love (plural islanders).

Message (the): Text, audio, image, or video sent to one or more players notifying them of a fun game, a surprise date, or the arrival of Eliana.

Temptation (the): Can denote either a boy or a girl. It is about the new face that enters the villa and excites the desire and imagination of the Islanders.

date (the) [ακλ.]: The personal meeting between two or more Islanders.

Rejection(s): An awkward moment where one Islander refuses another’s proposal.

Single/ free-n (o, n): Islander who separated from his/her partner.

Love Island


  • “The time has come for you to become couples”: Expression that triggers the Islanders to make their choice.
  • “It’s time to create new couples”: It is the signal to make new pairing choices. If someone is not happy with their match and another Islander has gained their interest they can declare it and change their choice. Whether it will be accepted is another matter…
  • “Love Island Game”: A fun, competitive game between Islanders that might lead to a prize.
  • “Game in the Villa”: A fun action inside the villa that brings the Islanders closer together.
  • “The Love Island Suite”: A luxurious room inside the villa, isolated from the rest where a couple can spend private moments.
  • “Meeting place or meeting point”: The point where all the Islanders meet to discuss the progress of the game with the host.

Every Tuesday to Saturday at 23:15

Love Island

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